Poetry doesn’t have to rhyme, it just has to touch someone where your hands couldn’t.

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Pet your turtles, they enjoy snugglies more than pain

I feel like this is especially appropriate for cars and turtles in the road.

And don’t drill holes in them or paint em. Its painful and toxic and you’ll make the poor things cry! 

Our turtles love having their heads and chins scratched.  And a light pat on their shells.  No hits, or thumps.  They love good pets, please pet them with love.

Shells are LITERALLY their backbone, imagine if someone thumped you hard on the spine. It would suck right? Don’t do it. 

Also their shells are covered in a VERY thin layer of fingernail-like material called scutes. When you paint it, a) it’s very easy for the toxins in the paint to absorb into the turtle’s system and poison them, b) it cuts off circulation to the thin layer of living skin below the scutes, c) it deforms the shell because turtles, especially young turtles, grow rapidly and the paint will inhibit proper shell growth and d) prevents the turtle from absorbing necessary vitamin D from UV rays (you know, that stuff they need to live). NEVER EVER PAINT A TURTLE EVER.

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#come here my human #i must take good care of you #i will cuddle you forever 

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did that fucker just jump on water is this fucking cat jesus

The pool cover is still on

I prefer Jesus Cat

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The Prince Of Egypt

Track name: Deliver Us

Artist: Ofra Haza Featuring Eden Riegel

Album: The Prince Of Egypt

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Deliver Us. Prince of Egypt (1998).

River, oh river, flow gently for me,
Such precious cargo you bear!
Do you know somewhere, he can live free?
River, deliver him there…

Words cannot describe the beauty and perfection of this score.

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